The text takes 0.25GB. How many characters does this ASC11 Unicode text contain?

1) Ascii encoding. For any character in it, one byte or eight bits are allocated.
Moreover, this applies to both service characters (line break, paragraph) and graphic symbols.
Let’s determine how many bytes our text will occupy. Since its size is 0.25 GB, we will first translate its megabytes:
0.25 GB = (0.25 * 1024) MB = 256 MB.
Now let’s convert everything to kilobytes and then to bytes:
256 mb = (256 * 1024) kb = 262 144 kb = (262 144 * 1024) b = 268 435 456 b.
That is the number of characters in the text in such an encoding.
ANSWER: 268 435 456 characters.

2) For this encoding, the character takes two bytes. Since we know the size of the text, we can find the number of characters by dividing the volume by two:
268 435 456: 2 = 124 217 728 (characters).
ANSWER: 124,217,728 characters.

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