The volume of the room is 90.7m3. Find the ceiling height of a room if its area is 33.6 m2

It is known from the condition that the volume of the room is 90.7 m3. In order to find the height of a room, if the area of the room is 33.6 m2, let’s recall the formula for finding the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped and the formula for finding the area of a rectangle.

So, our room has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, and its volume can be found as:

V = a * b * c, where a, b and c in our case are the length, width and height of the room.

Area of the rectangle (room):

S = a * b.

To find the height:

V = S * c;

c = V / S;

Substitute and calculate:

c = 90.7 / 33.6 = 2.7 m room height.

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