The ways of the Catholic Church’s struggle against the Reformation.

The Catholic Church was against the Reformation, so the Pope called the Protestants heretics and ordered them to act. The most popular way of fighting was the Inquisition. In Rome, they created a central inquisitorial court, formed a list of prohibited books.
For the confrontation, a monastic organization was created – the Order of the Jesuits. They entered into the confidence of people of all classes to direct their activities in the interests of the Catholic Church. At the beginning of the 17th century, the Jesuits were the organizers and participants in the attack of the Polish feudal lords on the Russian state. In France, they killed the king who proclaimed the equality of Catholics and Protestants. In South America, they took over Paraguay. One of the most dire deeds of the Catholic Church was the massacre of French Protestants known as St. Bartholomew’s Night.

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