The weight of 8 cm³ of silver is equal to 84g. What is the weight of 0.5dm³ of silver?

Answer: the weight of 0.5 dm³ of silver is 5 kg 250 g.

1. First, we need to bring the units of measurement of volume to a single unit of measurement. Convert cubic decimeters to cubic centimeters.

A cube with a volume of 1 dm³ has an edge length of 1 dm or 10 cm. Since the volume of a cube is equal to the length of its edge to the 3rd degree, we calculate it in cm³:

10 * 10 * 10 = 1000 cm³.

This means: 0.5 dm³ = 500 cm³.

2. The cube consists only of silver, therefore its density is homogeneous and we can make a proportion: 8 cm³ refers to 84 g as well as 500 cm³ to an unknown mass x.

8/84 = 500 / h.

Let us express the total mass x and count:

x = 500 * 84/8 = 5250 g = 5 kg 250 g.

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