There is a 50 kg bag of flour on the floor. Calculate the gravity and weight of the bag?

m = 50 kilograms – the mass of a bag of flour;
g = 10 Newtons per kilogram – acceleration due to gravity (rounded off).
It is required to determine G and P (Newton) – the force of gravity acting on a bag of flour and its weight.
Let’s find the force of gravity acting on a bag of flour:
G = m * g = 50 * 10 = 500 Newtons.
So in the condition of the problem it is not specified, we consider that the bag of flour stands motionless on a horizontal surface. Then its weight will be numerically equal to the force of gravity, that is:
P = G = 500 Newtons.
Answer: the force of gravity and the weight of a bag of flour are 500 Newtons.

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