To plant a tree, what steps do you need to take?

To make our world green and bring at least one tree into it, you need to know how to root it in the ground, how to plant it, that is, what actions you need to perform for this. So. To begin with, a suitable place is being looked for – if the tree loves heat – sunny, if the shade – on the contrary, dark and cool, under the cover of large trees, under the shade of houses. Next, with a bayonet shovel or shovel, you need to dig a depression in the soil. If it is damp, then watering is not necessary, but if it is dry or not very damp, then be sure to water the hole. And the next step is planting a tree. You need to put the tree in the dug hole and start filling it with soil that has formed along the edges of the hole. It is necessary from the very beginning of filling the earth to crush it in the hole so that the tree sits more firmly in the soil. And after filling the entire hole, we press the soil around the tree. Next – water again. Everything. All actions have been completed, the tree has been planted.

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