Under what pressure is oxygen in the cylinder if at a temperature of 27 its density is 6.24.

t = 27 degrees;
P = 6.24 kg / m ^ 3;
Find: p.
1) We will use the Clapeyron-Mendeleev formula:
pV = m / M * RT.
2) In order to find the required variable, we transform the equation. To do this, divide both parts by V.
We get: p = m / MV * RT.
We can further transform the equation. Due to the fact that the ratio of mass m to volume V is equal to the density of the gas P, then we get p = P / M * RT.
3) It is necessary to convert the temperature scale, for this we translate the temperature into an absolute temperature scale, then: 27 degrees = 300 K.
4) Substitute all the values ​​in the formula and find the answer. We take into account that the molar mass of oxygen O2 is 0.032 kg / mol.
p = 6.24 / 0.032 * 8.31 * 300 = 486135 Pa. Round up to 0.49 MPa.
Answer: 0.49

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