Using the reaction equation 2Mg + O2 = 2MgO, determine how much oxygen was required to oxidize 48 g of magnesium.

Magnesium oxidation reaction equation:

2Mg + O2 = 2MgO

The amount of Mg substance:

v (Mg) = m (Mg) / M (Mg) = 48/24 = 2 (mol).

According to the reaction equation, the oxidation of 2 mol of Mg consumes 1 mol of O2,

therefore v (O2) = v (Mg) / 2 = 2/2 = 1 (mol).

Then the volume of oxygen required for the oxidation of magnesium under normal conditions is:

V (O2) = v (O2) * Vm = 1 * 22.4 = 22.4 (l).

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