Vehicle speed is 100 km / h. What distance will he be left to travel after four hours of travel, if the length of the route is 600 km.

1) Let’s calculate how far the car will travel in 4 hours. We know the speed of the car.
Let’s write the formula for calculating the speed of movement:
V = S: t,
where V is the speed at which the object is moving, S is the covered path, t is the time spent on overcoming the path.
Let us express from the formula for speed, the path:
S = V × t.
Substituting the vehicle speed and travel time into the formula, we find the covered path:
S = 100 × 4 = 400 km.
In 4 hours the car will cover 400 km.
2) Let’s calculate how much the car will have to travel after four hours of travel if the route is 600 km long.
600-400 = 200 km.
Answer: the car will have to drive 200 km.

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