What are the advantages and disadvantages of a subsistence economy and a commodity economy?

If the economy of the state works only from a subsistence economy, then this indicates its underdevelopment. What is produced is consumed; nothing is bought from outside, because there is nothing, the goods do not go on sale. Therefore, there is no need to expand and improve agricultural activities, because there is neither the desire nor the ability to do this without trade. Hence the extreme conservatism of agriculture, led in this way, and the extreme poverty of the population that lives and works in such a state. Plus, it is impossible to grow absolutely all the products that are needed, because in one climate one list of plants grows, in another another.

With a commodity economy, surplus is sold, for which you can buy something that cannot be obtained in any way with a subsistence economy. There is an opportunity to expand and improve activities, an increase in the well-being of the population. Commodity and money markets are starting to work, the economy as a whole is developing, and external trade is expanding.

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