What are the benefits of plants? Why is it important to protect plants?

Plants on our planet have many functions. The main task of trees and grasses is to regulate air quality. During the day, plants saturate the Earth with oxygen, and at night they absorb excess carbon dioxide. In addition, plants are an integral part of the cycle of fertile soil formation and nutrition for animals and humans. Plants serve as fuel, both a newly cut tree and a tree that has been modified for centuries under the ground in the form of coal. Numerous medicinal herbs are used to heal, and clothing is made from certain types of herbs and tree parts. And this is only part of the benefits that plants bring to the planet and humans.

When the green mass of the planet is destroyed, the balance of the biosphere is disrupted, from which people, animals, and the entire Earth suffer. Circulation processes in water and air are disrupted. From this, the animal world and the appearance of the entire planet begin to change. Therefore, an integrated approach to the protection of all plant species has been developed all over the world.

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