What are the deep-sea zones of the World Ocean?

The deepest places of the World Ocean are sea depressions. The deepest place of the ocean, and of the entire planet in general, is the Mariana Trench. Its depth is almost 11,000 m below sea level. After the Mariana Trench, the place with a record depth is the Tonga Trench, with a depth of 10,882 m. The Philippine Trench is the first from the bottom of this trio, its indicator is 10,540 m below sea level. The deep places are also considered to be the Kermadek trench (10,047 m), the Izu-Bonin trough (9,810 m), the Kuril-Kamchatka trough (9,783 m) and the Puerto Rico trench (8,385 m).

Note: the level of the Baltic Sea was taken as 0 m.

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