What are the main branches of the economy of the Arabs?

1. Cattle breeding, camel and horse breeding, as well as small ruminants, sheep and goats. Pig breeding was not developed.

2. Trade. During the Middle Ages, the Arabs trade from Mozambique in the south to the Volga in the north and from the Iberian Peninsula to China.

3. Science. They coined the term “algebra” as well as trigonometry, they had advances in medicine (Avicenna) and geography (Ibn Battuta).

4. Fishing in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, navigation.

5. Agriculture, growing grapes, dates, figs, fruits, cotton.

6. Construction, they built mosques, madrasahs, founded the first universities in cities, for example, in Fez.

7. Blacksmithing, forged metal products, for example, an ax from Damascus steel.

8. Military affairs. They fought with Byzantium, Franks, Chinese.

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