What are the processing possibilities?

In the modern world, the amount of information is constantly growing. For the orderly storage and processing of large amounts of information, databases are created and used. The capabilities of the database are very large, because in parallel with the development of programming, the real, everyday world must also develop. Indeed, instead of going to the doctor, sitting in huge queues next to people who may be carriers of more serious viral diseases than yours, you can use an ordinary program, say with the name “My Doctor”. It will contain detailed information about your health. History of all your illnesses, possible allergies, frequency of visits to doctors. And along with this information about all kinds of medicines and diseases. In this database, we can enter data about our poor health (symptoms), and, based on all the data that are ORDERALLY entered there, the program will tell us about the virus that has entered the body and will select a treatment in accordance with our personality characteristics. Isn’t this just another way to simplify our daily life. But on the other hand, such a way out of the situation will not always be appropriate. Indeed, sometimes classical treatment will not be enough, and the diseases are more serious and one cannot do without a visit to the doctor. The database can be successfully used in the library. In my opinion, the profession of a librarian is already outdated, because its task is to enter the reader’s personal data into the database and help find the right book. An ordinary computer can also handle this. I believe that Microsoft Access is one of the most common and at the same time very simple database creation programs.

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