What are the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam?

The similarities are:

Both religions are divided into denominations: Orthodoxy and Catholicism, Sunnism and Shiism.
Both religions date back to the Old Testament tradition.
Both are monotheistic and condemn paganism.


Muslims have one holy city where they perform the hajj – Mecca. For Christians, such is Jerusalem and religious centers – Rome and cities where there are patriarchs (Moscow, Constantinople, Antioch).
The chronology is different, for Muslims 1396 is equal to 2018 from the Nativity of Christ. Moreover, they consider in Hijra (the prophet’s move from Mecca to Medina), and Christians from the birth of the birth of God.
Muslims have bans on wine, pork and many unusual types of meat.
Muslims cannot depict God, while Christians have a more complex image of him and have icons and monasteries (except for Protestants).

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