What are the types of nerves?

There are several types of the nervous system, which include:
* Choleric is strong, unbalanced.
In this type, excitation of the nervous system prevails over inhibition. Choleric people are energetic, but are considered quick-tempered, aggressive, and lack self-control.
* Sanguine – balanced, mobile.
People of this type are considered active. They easily adapt to living conditions. Such people are leaders who go towards their goal.
* Phlegmatic – balanced, inert.
A phlegmatic person is the opposite of a sanguine person. Such people are very resilient when solving problems, but they do not express violent emotions.
* Melancholic is weak.
The melancholic is unable to resist objects that may annoy him. They stand out for their characteristic features: poor reaction to events (slow), passivity, cowardice, as well as tearfulness and constant bad mood

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