What can be formed during volcanic eruptions from the accumulation of hot ash and gases?

may form – scorching cloud

A volcano is a formation on the planet’s crust, through which hot magma (lava) erupts from the depths. A volcanic eruption is the process of ejection of lava, smoke, gas and other incandescent substances from the vent. It can last from several hours to several months or even years.

Dangerous factors of the eruption
Any volcanic eruption is an emergency that poses a potential threat to human life and health, and can also harm material assets (buildings, structures, and so on).

During an eruption, the danger is represented by the outflowing streams of hot magma, suddenly forming cracks in the ground, the collapse of the slopes of the volcano, explosions, throwing out the rock for a long distance.

In the event of a prolonged eruption, a large amount of ash enters the atmosphere in the form of fine, but very abrasive dust. Airplanes are prohibited from flying through the ash plumes, in order to avoid the destruction of the engines.

However, the most destructive and dangerous for all living things may be the so-called pyroclastic flow. This phenomenon occurs in rare cases when an eruption occurs of an explosive nature. A huge wave, heated from 100 to 700 degrees Celsius, rushes down the slope with great speed, destroying all living things. It consists of a mixture of hot gas, rock debris and ash. The propagation speed can reach 700 km / h.

It can spread over fairly long distances, and the water barrier (sea, lake or bay) is not a significant weakening factor. A small part of the ash settles in the water, while the incandescent wave continues to move.

Interesting Facts
It is now believed that it was the pyroclastic flow that was the main cause of the death of people during the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius at the end of the 1st century AD.
The eruption of Montagne Pele killed almost all the inhabitants of the city, almost 30,000 people. Only two survived, one of them is a prisoner who was sitting in the underground cell of the prison during the eruption.
During the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, air traffic practically stopped in Europe.

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