What contribution did the Persians make to the development of world culture?

Persia reached its heyday in the era of the Achaemenids and created by them through the conquest of the ancient Eastern and Asian peoples, a huge power.

Therefore, the culture of the Persians, which flourished in this era, absorbed many cultural traditions of the enslaved peoples, reworked and created its own culture on this:

their religion with legends about the universe and world catastrophes, gods;

his art – monumental architecture with reliefs of the walls of the royal palaces, terraces, stairs and an abundance of light; sculpture with statues of fantastic animals;

their right, medicine, astronomy, philosophy.

Later, Persian culture became a connecting link connecting the cultures of the Eastern peoples and Ancient Greece, influenced the world culture and traditions of many states from Alexander the Great to the Roman Empire, which took over from it many achievements in various fields.

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