What do the Aztec states and the Inca empire have in common and how did they differ?


They did not have contacts with each other and with other states outside the Western Hemisphere until the beginning of the 16th century.
They did not know how to process iron, did not know horse breeding and cavalry, in fact they did not engage in sea voyages building ships (if we compare with the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and other Europeans).
They were pagans.
Didn’t have alphabets.
There were no coins, exchange trade.
Sacralization of power.
Civilizations were quite young, they appeared in the Western Hemisphere in the XIII-XIV centuries.


The Aztecs used pictures to convey information, and the Incas used knots.
The Aztecs also actively practiced cruel sacrifices.
The Aztecs built pyramids like the Mayan pyramids in Yucatan.
The capital of the Aztecs was located on the lake, and among the Incas – in the mountains (Cuzco).
The Incas had a developed mail system (messengers moved on foot), they knew bronze, platinum, they knew how to build water pipes.

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