What events in the history of ancient Egypt are considered the most important and why?

The first important event can be considered the reign of Pharaoh Khasekhemui around 2700 BC. when a single state arose in Egypt.

In the XXVI century, Pharaoh Djoser ruled there, who for the first time built a pyramid as a tomb. Soon after, Pharaoh Cheops ruled, who built himself the largest pyramid.

In the 16th century BC, the Hyksos were expelled from Egypt, they represented the 15th and 16th dynasties.

The era of the New Kingdom (Pharaoh Ahmose) began in 1550. Soon, under Thutmose III, the Egyptians took control of the territory from the 4th rapids of the Nile to the entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

In 528 it was conquered by the Persians (the Achaemenid Empire), and in 332 by Alexander the Great.

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