What happens when the vessels are tightened and squeezed? how to help blood vessels and nerves work normally?

1) Vessels supply organs and tissues with oxygen carried by the blood. If you squeeze them, then the organs will begin to experience a deficiency of oxygen, if it is for a long time, then their necrosis will begin (roughly speaking, they will begin to die off). In addition, varicose veins can occur when the veins are clamped. This is a condition in which the walls of the veins dilate and the valves cannot close. Because of this, blood stagnation occurs.
2) Nerves innervate organs and muscles. When they are clamped, the nerve endings are damaged and may die off, due to which control over an organ or muscle will be partially lost.
3) To prevent such problems, it is necessary to wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes, and also try not to pinch the nerves and blood vessels (for example, sitting, crossing your legs). Also, do not wear socks / gloves, etc. with a tight elastic band, because it will constrict the vessels.

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