What is common between morality and worldview?

Morality, as well as a worldview, embraces moral views, life guidelines and principles. Both morality and worldview govern human actions. Their difference is that worldview is a personal view of the life of an individual, and morality is a social norm of behavior.

Morality is a concept in society, a concept of good and evil. A worldview is a person’s views on the world, a general idea of ​​reality. Worldview is the core of the spiritual world. Opinions about moral norms, their analysis, takes place in a worldview that has not yet matured. Only after a person begins to allocate moral norms for himself to observe them, it can be concluded that on the basis of moral norms a person’s worldview has been formed. This is where the similarity lies. The difference lies in the fact that everyone has their own worldview, it can be unique for each person, and Morality is a norm of behavior based on the idea of ​​what is good and what is bad, that is, on the concepts of Good and Evil. That is, these are the rules of society as a whole. THAT: General – both morality and worldview are an aggregate and a system that complement each other. And the difference – the worldview of different people can be different, and the moral is the same.

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