What is common in the structure of a suite and a symphony?

Both the suite and the symphony are cycles, that is, they have forms consisting of several parts. The number of these parts in a suite and a symphony is usually 4. Each of the parts has its own structure, its own pace and character. In tempo and character, the pieces are in contrast to each other. All parts are performed with a break in between, and each of the parts can be performed as a separate piece.

After I have studied the theories, you can go directly to the answer to the question. But before that I will say that some people may disagree with this answer. This is due to the fact that, in principle, there can be no unambiguous answers in music. But despite this, there are some common points.

What is common in the structure of a suite and a symphony?

The number of parts (traditionally there are 4).
A very strong resemblance to the sonata.
Both the suite and the symphony are cycles
The possibility of performing each part as a separate work and, moreover, it will also be understandable.
Writing a work according to the strict canons of consistency.

In conclusion, I can say that the study of the forms of music production is a very interesting process. Therefore, I recommend that after this lesson you do this in more detail, and who knows, maybe a great talent for writing music will open in you and you will become as great a composer as Mozart, or as influential and loved by everyone as Igor Krutoy or Igor Nikolaev. Love music and it can help you get out of the most difficult situations.

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