What is the butanol-2 isomer?

Let’s write down the structural formula of butanol-2 – this is a saturated alcohol, in which the hydroxyl group is located at the second carbon atom: CH3-CH (OH) -CH2-CH3.

Isomers are substances that have the same gross formula (abbreviated, in this case C4H10O) and different structural ones. For alcohol, isomerism can be expressed by changes in the position of the hydroxyl group or by the structure of the carbon chain.

Let’s change the position of the hydroxyl: (OH) -CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3 – butanol-1.

Let’s change the carbon chain, this is possible only in the case of butanol-1: CH3-C (OH) (CH3) -CH3 – tert-butyl alcohol or 2-methylpropanol-2

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