What is the difference between a crow and a crow?

Raven and crow – belong to the same Vranov family. Their genus is also the same – Ravens. But these representatives have a number of differences:
– flight (the raven has a heavy and smooth flap of its wings, the raven is light and fast in flight, it often flaps its wings);
– conversation (the raven croaks, the raven has a clicking sound in its voice);
– intelligence and communication (a raven in terms of development is comparable to dolphins or primates. He has a high endurance, is quite sociable among relatives, has mutual understanding);
– color (one of the main differences. The raven is black, the crow is black and gray);
– goiter (in a crow it is disheveled, in a crow it is completely absent);
– the shape of the tail (in a raven it looks like a wedge, in a raven it is more chopped off).

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