What is the difference between folklore that came from ancient times and modern folklore?

Folklore from ancient times is the memory of generations passed from mouth to mouth. In Ancient Russia, the people did not know the written language, so stories about the glory of the warriors-defenders were transmitted orally. This is how epics and legends were born. The kobzars were the singers of Ukrainian folklore. The process of life of a certain ethnic group was reflected in legends and tales. Thanks to them, we know the history of the past centuries.
Modern folklore is not so all-encompassing – it is, rather, the traditions of a certain social group of people. In the 18th-19th centuries, the intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie performed urban romances (this is a form of urban folklore). Chastooshkas were born during folk holidays in Russia, when booth artists, buffoons, singing them, ridiculed human vices. When we say “anecdote”, we remember this form of folklore in Odessa. Modern folklore is present on the Internet, fakes or Internet slang are born (everyone knows the popular story about the benefits of a cactus with a computer or the well-known abbreviation OMG – Oh, my God!)
Ancient folklore is more global, modern is a local subculture.

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