What is the difference between mass and weight, how are they related?

Let’s write down a few differences between mass and weight.

1) Mass, m is a scalar quantity, weight, P is a force, a vector quantity, that is, having a magnitude (modulus) and direction, and weight is a force directed towards the center of the Earth for our planet. (for other planets – also – to their center).

2) Therefore, weight and mass are connected with the help of acceleration g = 9.8 m / s ^ 2 according to the formula: P = m * g.

3) The mass depends on the volume v, and the density of the body p according to the formula:

m = p * v, then the weight P = p * v * g.

Conclusion: a large body, but not dense, may weigh a little.

The weight of bodies with the same mass m is different on different planets.

Mass is expressed in kg, weight in kg and N.

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