What is the probability that with five tosses of a coin, it will fall three times with its coat of arms to the top?

Since each coin has exactly two sides, when it is tossed, it can fall up either heads or tails.

Let’s go over all the possible options for how the coin will fall out when it is tossed three times (“o” means heads, “p” means tails):

о, о, о;

о, о, р;

о, р, о;

о, р, р;

р, о, о;

р, о, р;

р, р, о;

р, р, р.

Therefore, when flipping a coin three times, there are 8 different possibilities of how this coin will fall out and the probability that it will fall all three times on one side is 1/8.

Answer: the desired probability is 1/8.

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