What is the significance of the ideas of the enlighteners for the 18th century and for our time?

The significance of the ideas of enlightenment lies in the fact that there was a turning point in society, they began to abruptly depart from the ideas of a religious understanding of the world and move on to the knowledge of various sciences and processes. The whole point is that before people did not think about nature, the planet, sciences and the like, but believed only in what the church says. But in the 18th century, scientists began to convey their research and people began to learn everything new and new. Today it all continues, so that the importance of ideas can hardly be overestimated.

One of the components of a person's success in our time is receiving modern high-quality education, mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life in society. A person today needs to study almost all his life, mastering everything new and new, acquiring the necessary professional qualities.