What is the square square?

The square is called a part of the plane, which is limited by the sides of this square.

The square is a special occasion of the rectangle, its area can be found as a product of one side of it to another, and since all sides of the square are equal, then its area will be equal to the square of his side length:

S = A².

Also, the square square is equal to half the square of its diagonal length (D), that is:

S = d² / 2.

The diameter of the circle described near the square coincides with the diagonal of this square, then its area can be found through the length of the diameter (D) of the circle described:

S = d² / 2.

Since the circle diameter is 2 times greater than its radius, the square of the square can be found through the radius of the circumference:

S = (2 * R) ² / 2 = (4 * R²) / 2 = 2 * R².

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