What kinetic energy does a spaceship with a mass of 10 tons possess when it orbits the Earth at a speed of 3.07 km / s?


m = 10 t = 10 * 1000 kg = 10000 kg;

v = 3.07 km / s = 3070 m / s;

Find: Ek -?


To calculate the kinetic energy of the spacecraft, we use the formula Ek = (mv²) / 2, where m is the mass of the spacecraft, v² is the speed of the spacecraft squared.

Substitute the known values into the formula and calculate.

Then, Ek = (10000 kg * (3070 m / s) ²) / 2 = 47124500000 J = 47124.5 MJ.

Answer: the kinetic energy of the spacecraft is 47124.5 MJ.

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