What mass of iron III chloride was formed if 18 g of chlorine reacted with iron?

1. We make a chemical equation, not forgetting to put down the coefficients:

2Fe + 3Cl2 = 2FeCl3.

2. Find the amount of substance Cl:

n (Cl2) = 18g / 71g = 0.25 mol.

3. Find the amount of the substance FeCl3:

n (FeCl3) = n (Cl2) * 2/3 = 0.17 mol.

4. Find the mass of FeCl3:

m (FeCl3) = n * M = 0.17 * (56 + 35.5 * 3) = 28g.

Answer: m (FeCl3) = 28g.

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