What natural phenomena destroy the soil?

Soil is the top fertile layer of the earth’s crust. It is very thin (compared to the thickness of the earth’s crust), so it can be easily destroyed.

One of the major soil problems is erosion. Windy and water. Windy – weathering of the soil layer due to wind and precipitation, water destruction of the increased layer due to melt and rain water

Forest fires, droughts, volcanic eruptions, or vice versa, frost also have a significant impact.

Forest fires burn out the soil, making it barren.

Drought is a long-term disadvantage of rainfall. It leads to evaporation of moisture from the ground, which also leads to lifeless soil.

Of course, volcanic eruptions bring no small harm. Because of them, a rather large emission of carbon dioxide (and other) gases, ash, lava occurs. All this contributes to the extinction of the living environment and fertile soil.

And finally – frost. Thanks to her, the soil freezes and its beneficial properties are destroyed in it.

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