What needs to be done to make students learn better in schools?

A school is an educational institution where they receive secondary and complete general education.
School is the initial stage in our life. Therefore, you need to study at school in order to be a literate person in the future. In order for children to do better at school, they need to be motivated. This should come not only from the teacher, but also from the family. Every child should understand that he learns not for someone else, but for himself. He must be organized and disciplined. In each school, the teachers themselves should be interested in teaching children, delivering information, not just telling, but so that the child understands. And the child, in turn, should take his studies more seriously, appreciate and deepen the information received in the classroom. For a child to do better at school, he must want it himself.

One of the components of a person's success in our time is receiving modern high-quality education, mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life in society. A person today needs to study almost all his life, mastering everything new and new, acquiring the necessary professional qualities.