What power does a car engine develop if it drives 200m in 10 seconds with an engine thrust of 350N?


t = 10 seconds – time interval;

h = 200 meters – the path taken by the car during the time interval t;

F = 350 Newton – the traction force of the car.

It is required to determine W (Watt) – how much power the car’s engine develops.

Let’s find the work done by the car engine:

A = F * h = 350 * 200 = 70,000 Joules.

Then, to determine the power, you must use the following formula:

W = A / t = 70,000/10 = 7,000 Watts (7 kW).

Answer: the car’s engine develops a power equal to 7000 watts (7 kW).

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