What race did the ancient Egyptians belong to?

A race is understood as a group of people with characteristic external signs: skin color, skeleton and skull structure, hair color and structure, body size, etc. Therefore, in order to understand what race the ancient Egyptians belonged to, it is necessary to clearly understand what the representatives of this most interesting civilization.
Studying the question of the appearance of the Egyptians, scientists argue about the origin of this people, putting forward directly opposite theories. Therefore, today there is no clear answer to the belonging of the ancient Egyptians to one of the races. In the features of the Egyptians, there are signs of different races. Full lips and high, well-defined cheekbones suggest that the Egyptians were descended from Africans. Some slaves and servants show signs of the Mongoloid race. Examining the images of the Egyptian nobility with red hair and skulls, we find signs of the Caucasian race.
The most realistic version, in my opinion, is that the ancient Egyptians are a people that was formed as a result of a mixture of different peoples who inhabited this region. These are Africans, representatives of the Mediterranean, and immigrants from Palestine. After all, Egypt occupies a unique geographical position. It stands at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. This is where this unique civilization was born. Even the religion of the Egyptians testifies to the origin from different peoples, moreover, one people among the Egyptians was the “elite”, and the other was “slaves.” If we classify the belonging of the ancient Egyptians into three main races, then the “elite” is closer to the Caucasian, “slaves” – to the Negroid and Mongoloid.

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