What role do moss leaves play?

Sphagnum moss has two types of leaf cells: chloroplasts and hyaline (airborne). Chloroplasts are placed alternately in layers with air. Chloroplasts are a source of green matter, airborne ones are colorless. Air carriers are also called barrel cells, because they resemble outwardly a thick-walled barrel filled with air. They have pores – holes that “pump” water into themselves. This type of moss does not have rhizoids, which serve as roots. Therefore, nutrients are taken from the water absorbed into the “barrel”. For sphagnum it is a permanent reservoir of nutrients.
The leaf of the male plant, cuckoo flax, which surrounds the male reproductive organs (antheridia) has a brownish yellow color. The color of the leaf is a characteristic of the male form of this type of moss. The female has all green leaves.

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