What states existed in the center and south of Italy in the 14-15th century?

There were many states on the Apennine Peninsula. For example, Rome was the capital of the Papal States – the theocratic state of the popes. There was the Republic of San Marino – the most ancient state in Europe at the moment.

In the northeast, the Venetian Republic was a strong state, which, in addition to possessions on the northern coast of the Adriatic, controlled Corfu, Crete and Cyprus.

She had two competitors with similar political and economic structures – Genoa and Pisa. North of Pisa was the small republic of Lucca.

There was a kingdom of the same name in Sicily; in the 15th century it submitted to Aragon (now Spain). About half of the peninsula (south of Rome) was occupied by the Kingdom of Naples, in the north there were two duchies – Savoy and Milan.

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