What styles in architecture correspond to medieval culture?

In the Middle Ages, there were 3 main architectural styles:

Basilica – was widespread in the 5th – 6th centuries, buildings of this type were divided into several parts by rows of columns and each of the parts had its own overlap, and the central part is always higher than the side ones so that it is located above the roofs of the side parts.
The Romanesque style was widespread in the 10th – 12th centuries, its distinctive feature was a strict and massive character in architecture. Monasteries and castles of that time were built in this style.
Gothic architecture – was widespread in Europe in the 12th – 16th centuries. A distinctive feature was the frame systems (elongated vertically pointed arches resting on pillars), which made it possible to create very high buildings. Most of the city’s cathedrals were built in this style.

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