What substances can be melted in boiling water? Why are not mercury, but alcohol thermometers used in the Far North?

In boiling water, you can melt those substances whose melting (crystallization) temperature is lower than the boiling point of water, that is, below 100 ° C. For example, such alkali metals as potassium (melting point = 63 ° C), sodium (melting point = 98 ° C).

In the Far North, mercury thermometers are not used to measure the ambient temperature due to their uselessness.

Mercury, due to its physical properties, is not able to compress properly in a sealed glass bulb. She does not know how to “leave” down the scale. In addition, at a temperature of -39 ° C, mercury freezes completely.

Unlike alcohol, the freezing point of which is – 115 ° С. Therefore, colored alcohol is used in thermometers for measuring low temperatures. It shrinks well in a sealed flask – its column, in contrast to mercury, willingly “goes” down, and not just up.

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