What tools of labor appeared in the Mesolithic in connection with the new conditions of hunting and fishing?

A significant change in the environment took place precisely in the Mesolithic era. The reason for this was global warming. As a result, primitive people living on the territory of modern Europe had to adapt to new living conditions: the climate, flora and fauna changed. All these circumstances have led to an improvement in the tools of labor and the emergence of new, more advanced ones.
It was in the manufacture of stone products that humanity made progress in this era. So, people of this period used microliths in their activities. They are stone fragments. Microliths were in the form of triangles, trapezoids, and segments. The population living in forest zones and forest-steppes made chopping and amusing tools. Such as chisels and axes, adzes and planes. Tillage implements were also common. They were hoes and picks.
Attention should be paid to the development of fishing. As a result of archaeological excavations, numerous tools used for fishing have been discovered: hooks, harpoons, and spears.
A very important achievement in this type of activity was the manufacture of nets for fishing. Water spaces were better explored with the help of boats. They were called dugout boats, which were made from a single barrel. In addition to them, canoe-type frame boats were used. The frame of the canoe itself was made of wood, and then it was covered with various materials at hand. It could be the skins of various animals or birch bark trees. In the winter, vehicles such as sledges and skis were used.

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