What types of economic activities are occupied by the population of the countries of northern Europe?

Northern Europe includes the countries of Scandinavia with Finland, Iceland, three republics of the former Soviet Priblatika.
Main occupations:
Agriculture – fishing and shrimp fishing (especially Norway, Iceland, Denmark), animal husbandry (meat and dairy and pig breeding, especially Denmark and Finland), reindeer husbandry (Lapland), vegetable growing (Lithuania, Sweden).
Industry: fish processing (Latvia – sprats), cheese production (Danish, Lithuanian and Finnish cheeses), developed food industry (berry processing). In addition, energy (hydroelectric power plants in Norway), gas and oil production in the North Sea, metallurgy in Sweden, paper production (as a rule, from imported timber, they save their own), shipbuilding, car industry (Sweden – Volvo). Coal mining in Svalbard.
Tourism is well developed, especially Iceland and Norway.

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