What types of mechanical movement do you know? What is the difference between them?

Mechanical movement is a change in the position of the body relative to other bodies.
Types of mechanical movement.
1) Depending on the trajectory (the line that the body describes when moving): straight line – the trajectory is a straight line;
curvilinear – the trajectory of the movement is a curved line.
2) Depending on the speed of movement:
uniform – for equal periods of time, the body travels the same distances;
uniformly accelerated – the body changes its speed for the same time intervals by the same value;
uneven – for equal periods of time the body travels different distances, the speed of the body changes in different ways.
3) Depending on the movement of all points of the body:
translational – all points of the body move in the same way;
rotational – the points of the body move in different ways.

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