What was the importance of contacts of other countries and peoples with Byzantium?

The importance of contacts of other peoples with Byzantium was in their huge lag in the level of development and power of Byzantium. You need to understand that this state was the capital and pearl of the Eastern Roman Empire, where there were libraries and temples, other buildings and structures that other peoples simply could not build. It will be very good to consider the relationship between Russia and Byzantium. Before Vladimir, both sides were in a rather uncertain state. Princes with squads attacked Byzantium, they too. The princely passion for women led Russia to Christianity and the flourishing of culture. Monasteries were built in Russia, texts were translated and written, and people knew how to read. Russia was recognized. This alliance was mutually beneficial. The inhabitants of Russia knew how to fight, and not everyone would have dared to attack Byzantium with such a son-in-law and ally.

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