What were the new features of Alexander III’s foreign policy manifested?

1.What were the new features of Alexander III’s foreign policy manifested? In what areas did he adhere to traditional approaches? 2. How did Russia’s relations with the Balkan states develop? 3. What are the reasons for the new rapprochement between Russia and France? What are the positive aspects of the Russian-French alliance? 4. What contradictions in the eastern direction of Russia’s foreign policy have been resolved? What new contradictions have arisen in the East?

1) Alexander 3 was called a peacemaker. A new feature of foreign policy is non-involvement in international conflicts, minus Central Asia.

The traditional approach has been to maintain an alliance with France and Germany.

2) The Russian Empire responded with a refusal to requests for help from the Balkan countries in solving problems with the Serbs and Turks. As a result, Russia’s influence on these lands was lost.

3) Russia moved closer to France in order to maintain peace in Europe. For this, a defensive alliance was concluded.

The positive side of the Russian-French alliance is that it is holding back the Triple Alliance.

4) The Russian Empire was able to settle the border with Afghanistan. And also figured out the boundaries of the territories near the Caspian Sea.

New contradictions were associated with the expansion of British influence in Asia.

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