Where and why is it better to live, in Athens or Sparta?

In ancient Greece, life was more interesting and better in Athens. They were a large port, a center for various crafts (pottery, metalworking, shipbuilding), had a developed democracy and a good army. In Athens, a person had a wide range of occupations: builder, priest, bricklayer, winemaker, blacksmith, navigator.

Sparta, despite its brave warriors, was a rather primitive city in terms of culture and economy. She had only one colony (Tarentum in southern Italy). Stone construction and crafts in Sparta were less developed, oratory too (they were taught to speak briefly = concisely).

One of the components of a person's success in our time is receiving modern high-quality education, mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life in society. A person today needs to study almost all his life, mastering everything new and new, acquiring the necessary professional qualities.