Where are the reserve nutrients located in the seed of onion, arrowhead, almond, lily of the valley?

Flowering plants can be monocotyledonous or dicotyledonous. The seed of these plants consists, respectively, of one or two cotyledons and, in fact, the embryo. The nutrient in monocots, necessary for the germination of the embryo, is contained in the endosperm, and in dicots, in the cotyledons of the embryo. Common onion is a monocotyledonous plant, which means its nutrients are in the endosperm. Arrowhead is also monocotyledonous, therefore, the nutrients in the endosperm, but the almond is a dicotyledonous plant, its nutrients are in the cotyledons of the embryo. Lily of the valley – monocotyledonous, nutrients in the endosperm.

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