Which of the monuments of ancient Russian culture do you know? what do you know about them?

Firstly, these are literary works: chronicles (such as “The Tale of Bygone Years”, which have not only historical, but also artistic merit, it is not for nothing that many chronicle quotes have become proverbs), military tales (the most famous of them is “The Word of Igor’s regiment “, based on which opera, pictures and even a cartoon were created), the lives of the saints.

Architectural works, including churches that have come down to us (St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl in the Vladimir region, others)

Icons and frescoes, for example, “Our Lady of Vladimir”, which can be seen in the largest museums in Russia.

Birch bark letters from ancient Novgorod, which were written not only by merchants and other wealthy citizens, but also by ordinary Novgorodians, women and even schoolchildren.

Jewelry that archaeologists still find in the land, ancient weapons and armor (for example, the helmet of Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, father of Alexander Nevsky – it can be seen in Moscow in the Armory).

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