Why are insects the most diverse group of modern animals?

Indeed, insects are the most numerous inhabitants of our planet. The number of insect species is the largest group of living things on earth. Their number is about 70% of all animal species. Insects are a very ancient group of animals: of which the first wingless insects appeared 350-400 million years ago. Some winged insects that lived in the Carboniferous period were many times larger than modern ones. Why are so many species of small forms of insects widespread on the globe? The reason is that insects of this size are the most adapted to the conditions of modern life. This is already confirmed by their very existence. These insects are able to use such an environment (shelter, shelter) that is inaccessible to animals of a larger size. Their survival is due to their size and a high degree of adaptation to their environment. But despite the great variety of representatives of the class of insects in their shape, size, their habitats, the diversity of their life and behavior, they are also characterized by common signs.

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