Why can’t you shout loudly?

A person is given a voice, he can speak aloud, sing, whisper and even shout. A scream is a very loud and unpleasant sound that we can make. You can shout not very loudly, or with all your might. You can check the effect of the cry at home, just not very loudly – the cat will press its ears, and the parents will come to scold, because the sound is unpleasant. And also a scream signals some kind of trouble, for example, that you fell, or cut yourself, or you are being tortured. Then the scream informs everyone in the earshot that you need help. But if you shout for no reason, then everyone will get used to it and will just plug their ears and scold you, and when you really need help, no one will come running to your cry and will not help. Hedgehog, if you shout often and loudly, you can break your voice, and then speak only in a whisper and your throat will hurt.

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